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Jan 1, 2023 | Cool Air, Blown Out, Burner, Cincinnati, Five Star, Flame, Furnace, Gone Out, HVAC, Lighter, Ohio, Pilot, Pilot Light, Relight

If you find yourself with a suddenly extinguished pilot light, don’t worry – it’s a normal (though unwelcome) occurrence in the HVAC industry. So, if you’re stuck with a chilly house and a furnace that’s only blowing cool air, what can you do? First off, check for drafts. Sometimes, a sneaky draft can cause a pilot light to blow out. But it could also be due to a system-related furnace issue. Regardless, here you are stuck with a pilot light that needs to be relit. Fortunately, your Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati professionals are here to help lead the way! So, keep reading for an easy, step-by-step guide. 

How Do You Relight a Furnace’s Pilot Light? 

Although it may seem complicated, relighting a pilot light is easy and only requires a few steps. Always be sure to use caution while performing this task, however. 

Step One: Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to relight your pilot light when possible. Most manufacturers place pilot relighting instructions on a label on the side of your furnace. They are specific for your furnace type, but if you can’t find them or have difficulty reading them due to insufficient lighting, etc., then proceed to the next step for some general instructions. Keep in mind that you will need something long, like a lighter or matchstick, to reach the pilot light opening and relight the flame. 

Step Two: If your furnace model has a burner cover, it will need to be removed before you can continue with the relighting process. 

Step Three: After you have removed the burner cover, the next thing you want to do is shut the valve on the gas supply off. This is highly suggested for safety reasons. 

Step Four: Next, scan the base of your heating unit for the power switch. Once you locate it, turn the furnace off, so it is completely shut down. 

Step Five: This step is crucial, so please do not skip it. It’s imperative you wait at least five minutes after shutting off the gas supply before proceeding with the relighting process. This is key in making sure the gas has time to dissipate. Neglecting this crucial step puts you at risk of a fire hazard, which could damage your home and harm anyone inside. While you’re waiting, you can utilize this time to locate the pilot light assembly. It’s usually a knob-like switch that has “pilot, reset, or on/off” labeled on it. Just note that wording is subject to vary with different furnace models. 

Step Six: After five minutes have passed, turn the knob to the “pilot” setting. Then press and hold the “reset” button down together while simultaneously also bringing your ignited lighter near the pilot light’s opening using your other hand. Once you are close, the pilot light should then spark and ignite on its own. When this takes place, you can release your hold on the “reset” button. The pilot light should now remain lit.  

Step Seven: After all is said and done, don’t forget to turn the gas supply back on and replace the burner cover if necessary. 

Relighting your furnace is a useful skill we think is great for every homeowner to know. So, just remember that even if you do not currently need to know how to relight your pilot light, keeping these tips in the back of your mind could be beneficial for you down the road. Another thing you may want to keep in mind is that if the pilot doesn’t stay lit after relighting it, there may be an underlying component-related problem at hand. So, call Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati for all your HVAC needs.  

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