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Reasons to Purchase a Maintenance Contract

Oct 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

It is vital to maintain your HVAC system, especially during the summer and winter months. You have to do many things to keep up with your household, including maintaining your HVAC system, which can get tricky. The Cincinnati Five Star Heating & Cooling experts make it easy for homeowners to keep up with their HVAC system maintenance by offering maintenance contracts. Below are a few reasons provided by our NATE-certified HVAC professionals on why you should purchase an HVAC maintenance contract. 

Servicing for Urgent HVAC Needs

It can be challenging to encounter your HVAC system breaking down all of a sudden, especially during the warmer or colder months. In addition, it can be tough to find an HVAC expert, especially at the last minute when you encounter a problem. Luckily, Cincinnati Five Star Heating & Cooling puts your HVAC service at top priority when you get a maintenance contract. 

Maintained Warranty

One of the great things about purchasing a modern HVAC system is that they usually come with a pretty decent warranty. HVAC system warranties typically come with specific instructions, including a stipulation that your HVAC system receives proper annual maintenance. It can be challenging to remember when your HVAC system needs its regular maintenance, but even forgetting just one service call can put your warranty at risk. It becomes much easier to remember when your HVAC system needs proper maintenance by getting reminders when they are due by purchasing an HVAC maintenance contract. 

HVAC Savings on Services

No matter if it is big or small, repairs can be costly when it comes to your HVAC system. While we offer monthly specials, it would be nice to receive a discount whenever your schedule HVAC services. Cincinnati Five Star Heating & Cooling offers 15% off HVAC services and repairs when you purchase an HVAC maintenance contract, which can help more than you think, especially in cases of extensive HVAC services.

HVAC maintenance contracts can give you peace of mind knowing your HVAC system is being taken care of and maintained. 

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