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 Should I Replace My Furnace Before It Gets Too Cold? 

Nov 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

There are certain things in a home you should replace long before they fail on you. A furnace is one of those things.

Although most homeowners don’t tend to replace heating systems until they’ve completely given out on them, this can be more expensive than anything.

Our experts here at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati Explain why:

The Problem with Last-Minute Furnace Replacement

Most homeowners don’t really think about their heating system until it completely fails to do its job. Although they believe this will save them some money for a while, this is not the case. Usually, the hassle isn’t worth it, and if your furnace is on the brink already, you’re already paying too much anyway! Dealing with last-minute furnace replacement …

  • You have to deal with emergency heating repair/replacement services, which we offer here at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati at competitive rates. When your heating system breaks down in the middle of wintertime, you end up stuck without any heat. A furnace usually tends to break when it’s working the hardest, like on a cold winter’s night when you need it most. Suddenly, you’re spending your night scattering to find someone who can get your system running again.
  • Emergency service tends to be more expensive. Not only is the rush of emergency HVAC service an inconvenience; it’s also very expensive. You’ll probably spend more to have a furnace technician in your home outside of normal business hours. And the unexpected cost usually isn’t something you budgeted for.
  • You spend more to keep an older system in commission. Let’s say you’re waiting to replace a furnace that’s breaking down because you’re hoping to save money. You probably aren’t saving anything at all because the system costs more to run. In this case, your system is going to break down soon enough, so the added cost is inevitable. In the meantime, you end up paying to keep an outdated system in use, which requires more energy to run because of wear and tear.
  • You won’t have sufficient time to pick out a quality furnace. Ultimately, when you’re in the market for a new heater, it’s nice to have adequate time to look at all your options and pick out a high-efficiency model furnace that falls within your budget. When you replace a furnace at the last minute, you don’t have time to shop around.

Signs of a Problem with Your Furnace

Experts agree it’s always better to replace a home heating system before it gives out for good. Pay attention to the signs of a furnace problem ahead of time and proactive and replace it before you run into serious trouble. Warning signs include …

  • Odd noises, strange sounds, unpredictable cycling, and difficulty starting. Ask for a professional furnace technician to diagnose it first, as there might be an easy fix.
  • A furnace technician says heating repairs will cost about half as much as a new furnace. Repairs are only a temporary patch, so you end up paying more in the long run.
  • Your heating system is about 15 years old or older and reached the end of its lifespan.

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