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Nov 1, 2023 | Furnace, Age, Heating Unit, Maintenance, Manufacturer, Manufacturer's Label, Owner's Manual, Repair, Replacement, Warranty

Your furnace plays a crucial role in maintaining a warm and comfortable home, especially during colder months. However, like any appliance, furnaces have a limited lifespan. Whether you’re moving into a new home or your current furnace has been in use for decades, knowing its age is essential for maintenance, repair, and replacement planning. In this blog post, Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati will explore various strategies to determine the age of your furnace. 

Know the Age of Your Furnace for:  

  • Maintenance Reasons: Routine maintenance is crucial to guarantee the efficient and safe operation of your furnace during the colder months. On top of that, when you schedule your seasonal maintenance appointments, it’s beneficial for the HVAC technician to know the approximate age of your heating unit ahead of time. 
  • Repair Reasons: If your furnace begins experiencing problems, having knowledge of its age can assist in determining whether repairing it or investing in a new unit is more economically viable. 
  • Replacement Reasons: Furnaces generally have a lifespan of 15-20 years. So, if your furnace is nearing or has exceeded this age, it may be prudent to begin allocating funds for a replacement. 
  • Warranty Reasons: Most furnaces are accompanied by manufacturer warranties that remain valid for a specified number of years. By having knowledge of the age of your unit, you can ascertain whether warranty coverage is still an option for you. 

Check the Owner’s Manual: 

One of the most effective methods to determine the age of your furnace is by referring to the owner’s manual. Typically, the manual includes details about the installation date or the manufacturing date of the furnace, both of which can provide insight into the unit’s age. If you still possess the manual that accompanied your furnace, start by locating this information in the introductory section or a dedicated “Specifications” page. 

Look for a Manufacturer Label: 

If, by any chance, you no longer have the owner’s manual or cannot find the date within it, your next most reliable course of action is to locate a manufacturer’s label on the furnace. The manufacturer’s label is usually situated inside the furnace cabinet or on its side. This label typically provides valuable information, such as the model number, serial number, and manufacturing date.  

  1. To determine the manufacturing date, it is advisable to locate a sequence of letters or numbers within the serial number that denotes the date. It is also important to note that various brands each utilize distinct coding systems, resulting in variations across manufacturers. 
  1. Please be aware that certain manufacturers may provide the date of manufacture in a more direct format, such as “MFG Date: MM/YYYY.” 

Contact the Manufacturer:  

If the serial number or manufacturer’s label does not provide sufficient information about the furnace’s age, you can try to contact the manufacturer directly. Generally speaking, reputable furnace manufacturers typically have a customer service or support team available to assist you in determining the age of your unit based on the serial number or other identifying information. 

Consult a Professional:  

A certified HVAC technician has the expertise to examine your furnace and should be capable of providing you with its age. Typically, during your seasonal furnace inspection, the technician can determine the manufacturing date and offer valuable insights regarding the furnace’s condition and estimated remaining lifespan. Therefore, scheduling regular seasonal checks presents an excellent opportunity to ensure optimal performance by keeping your furnace well-serviced.  

Having knowledge of your furnace’s age is crucial to maintaining a warm and cozy home. You certainly wouldn’t want your furnace to fail just when you need it the most. By referring to your owner’s manual, examining the manufacturer label, seeking advice from experts, or utilizing online resources, you should be able to determine the age of your furnace. This valuable information will assist you in making informed decisions regarding your heating system. 

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