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Top 5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Aug 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

Problems with your home comfort equipment are the worst! 

While HVAC problems present challenges, there is some good news. Homeowners in Southwest Ohio have one company they can call on 365 days a year that’s fast, friendly, and affordable.

Whether your furnace is giving you issues in the winter or your A/C is offline during the hot months of summer, the Heating and Cooling experts at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati are always available to assist with extended hours of customer support and emergency HVAC assistance in the Greater Cincinnati and Greater Dayton Areas!

In the following article, our experts list the Top 5 HVAC Troubleshooting Tips every homeowner should know when having a furnace problem or AC problem. If these tips don’t resolve your home Heating or Cooling situation, call us right away and we can talk about the problem. Remember, no matter what we are always happy to help.

Summary of Tips for Troubleshooting Your HVAC

  1. Check air filters and replace them, if necessary.
  2. Check supply and return vents for obstructions.
  3. Clear debris around the outdoor unit.
  4. Check thermostat settings and batteries
  5. Check power, breakers, switches, and disconnects are in ‘ON’ position.

Check Your Air Filters 

Checking and changing your HVAC unit’s air filters is something every homeowner needs to remember to do regularly. This also needs to happen consistently. When you do, it enables your HVAC equipment to operate smoothly and more efficiently with adequate airflow. Proper airflow prevents a host of other problems, including full system failure. If you find your air filter does need to be changed, find a replacement and swap it out for a new one. If you need help finding the right filter, call us at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati.

Check Vents for Airflow

Make sure you inspect all your air vents and HVAC registers to identify if any of them are blocked or obstructed by anything in any sort of way. Airflow is essential. If there is anything covering or blocking any of them, remove it and make sure your HVAC units have proper airflow. This will improve the efficiency of your HVAC equipment as well.

Clear Debris Around Outdoor Equipment

If your HVAC equipment isn’t performing like it should, make sure to check your outdoor equipment. Outdoor equipment needs to be kept clean and free of all debris like shrubs, leaves, weeds, yard waste, and ice and snow. This is one of our important HVAC troubleshooting tips, as it can help you avoid small problems turning into much larger and much more expensive situations.

Check The Thermostat 

Once in a while, an HVAC unit’s thermostat can cause problems that compromise home comfort equipment. To see if this is the reason for your HVAC problem, adjust the thermometer and see if the HVAC system responds to the change. If it does not respond your thermostat is likely the cause of the problem. On top of that, check the batteries before taking the next step of calling a professional here at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati.

Check The Power 

If your comfort equipment is down, before picking up that phone to call us at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati you’ll want to test and check its power source. If you have a gas-powered furnace, check the control valve on the unit and the line and make sure you have gas running to it for fuel. Sometimes, a loss in service can be caused by something as simple as a circuit breaker or a fuse. If the problem is the power source, the solution is easy and shouldn’t cost a lot.

If you’re still having issues, call us right away!

If you have questions or need help with an HVAC problem, call Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati today at (513) 216-5011!