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What To Do If Your Heat Goes Out This Winter?

Feb 18, 2022 | Blog, Cincinnati, Furnace, Heating, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio, Repair, Thermostat, Tip & Tricks, Winter

Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati wants to help our customers prepare for all types of situations. Hopefully, by now, you’ve already had your furnace serviced for its seasonal tune-up & safety check. Having this done prevents possible furnace disasters from occurring throughout the winter season. That being said, we still have several weeks remaining until spring comes around the corner. And even then, you will need your furnace functioning until Mother Nature decides to keep the warm weather around for the next season. We sincerely hope you get through the season without any furnace mishaps, but if you don’t, and your heat goes out this winter, we want you to be prepared and equipped to troubleshoot any issues. 

Here are five questions to ask when troubleshooting your furnace:

Has the Pilot Light Gone Out?

If your furnace is still powered on and seems to be working but not blowing warm air, this first tip is an excellent point to reference. It is likely the pilot light went out and needs to be to relight it. First, check to see if the flame is still lit. If you need instructions on how to do so, typically, they are labeled on the side of the unit.

Has the Furnace Switch Been Turned Off by Accident?

Although it may be unlikely that the furnace switch somehow got turned off, you never know; it may have gotten bumped without you knowing. The lack of heat in your home may be as simple as the flick of a switch. The furnace switch is typically located on the side of the unit.

Has the Furnace Switch on the Circuit Breaker Flipped?

When your furnace is not turning on, we suggest checking if the circuit breaker has tripped. Perhaps it happened at a time when you didn’t notice or hear anything happening. Maybe you weren’t home at the time, or it happened in the middle of the night. It’s always good to check the breaker immediately if something is not getting any power.

Has the Thermostat Stopped Working?

How about your thermostat? Is it powering on, or is the display completely blank? If it is not turning on, try swapping out the old batteries for new ones. If it turns on with a new set of batteries, but your heat is still not working, try using the thermostat on different settings to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Has the Heat Mode Turned Off?

If you have confirmed your thermostat is working fine and you still aren’t getting heat from your furnace, try checking the thermostat’s settings. Start by making sure the “heat mode” is still turned on. More often than not, this is the culprit to many furnace mishaps.

As usual, your Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati family is here to help you with any of your heating issues. If you have read through this blog and still have not resolved the problem with these tips & tricks, please don’t hesitate to call us. The last thing you want to do is prolong any furnace issues that can evolve into something bigger. You can Reach Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati at (513) 216-5011, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!