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Why is my furnace making funny noises?

Aug 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

If you’re hearing unusual noises coming from your furnace, it could be a warning sign.

Troubleshooting strange furnace sounds and noises is essential because home Heating equipment is not only extremely expensive, but it can also be dangerous.

Although some sounds are completely normal, some are not.

To help our readers here in Southwest Ohio recognize the difference, we at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati present the following:

Why does my furnace sound funny?

A high-pitched squealing noise coming from a Heating system could indicate a number of things. However, in general, this is due to a part that needs to be fixed or replaced. Worn out parts (like a frayed blower belt or a defective blower motor) can make these types of noises and cause problems for your system that eventually require more major repair work.

Is a buzzing noise dangerous from a Heating system?

If enough dirt builds in your home Heating system’s burners it can delay ignition and cause gas to build up, if you have a gas furnace. When the burners finally ignite, you will hear a loud bang or a pop. If this isn’t checked out, what’s happening could crack or damage your heat exchanger, which is generally a very expensive part to replace.

What do I do when my furnace is making weird sounds?

Call the team here at Five Star, in short. Keep in mind that a rumbling sound is difficult to ignore and is usually something that demands immediate attention. Rumbling could indicate extra fuel in the combustion chamber. This is dangerous because it can contribute to high levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Make sure the furnace is turned off and call us right away for assistance if you hear rumbling.

Noise #1 Loud Humming 

Humming sounds coming from a heater or furnace, if considerably loud, could be from a defective starting capacitor or some other issue with the furnace motor or blower. If not caught by a technician, this problem could progress into a major catastrophe. Keep in mind, homeowners should always hear a faint humming noise emanating from the furnace, even on the day the unit gets installed. If it becomes obviously louder, however, it’s usually a legitimate reason for concern and your experts at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati can help you get to the bottom of it.

Noise #2 Popping or Banging 

Mild banging sounds or popping noises are usually relatively normal if it’s a unit that utilizes air ducts to transport treated and heated air. Because ductwork is made from sheet metal, they contract and expand when they’re hot or cold. Nevertheless, if you are hearing excessively loud (louder than usual) popping or banging noises and your home isn’t getting the heated air or cooled air you need, there’s probably some sort of problem with the system’s ignition. Once in a while, when a Heating unit’s burners become dirty, gas escapes into the unit’s housing. Because it won’t be able to light at the burner if it is escaping, this gas can build up and cause an explosion. Because of this possibility, this problem can be a highly dangerous one. If this is something your Heating equipment is doing, please shut it down and call Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati right away. Don’t delay! It’s not risking your home and your safety!

Noise # 3 Squealing or Screeching

If you’re hearing screeching or squealing noise that reminds you of nails on a chalkboard, or some sort of metal scratching, and it happens to be coming from your HVAC equipment, it could mean your blower wheel is having problems. The wheel could have come loose from the motor shaft. If so, it could be broken or banging up against the sides of the unit. In any case, screeching sounds usually mean there’s a bad belt or motor blower.

Noise #4 Smacking

If you detect a sort of “thwapping” noise, or hear a smacking sound that reminds you of a playing card flapping against a bicycle spoke, there might be something lodged or stuck in the blower’s blades. If this is the case and the object becomes loose, it could go into the housing and damage something else. Don’t let this happen. Noises are one thing, a broken down system is a completely different thing.

If your furnace is growling and giving you warning signs, call us today!

Furnaces, heaters, and all HVAC equipment are complex systems that are intricate; these machines utilize a whole host of parts and components. Additionally, they also use fuel to generate heat. If you’re hearing any other unfamiliar sounds — thumping, smacking, squealing, rumbling, rolling, banging, loud whistling, etc. — it’s something you should take seriously. We suggest turning the unit off and giving us a call right away to avoid dangerous situations and further damage.If your furnace isn’t Heating properly and it’s beginning to make noises or has been making noises, call Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati today at (513) 216-5011!