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Window Units Vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better?  

Sep 30, 2022 | AC, Air Conditioner, Central Air, Cincinnati, Cooling, Cooling Power, Easy Automation, Five Star, Ohio, Pros and Cons, Temperature, Window Unit

Do you know the differences between window air conditioners and central air conditioning systems? There are a number of pros and cons for each. So, is it smarter to use one over the other? Honestly, the correct answer lies within your cooling needs. Whether you need to keep one or two rooms cool, or perhaps an entire house, will be some of the deciding factors as to what is the most optimal choice for you. With the following tips from your Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati family, it’s our intent that you will be better equipped after reading this so you can make the best-informed decision!  

What Are the Costs Involved Between Window Units & Central Air Conditioners?  

Let’s face it; costs are a huge factor in everything we consider. So, let’s take a moment to dive into this. If you’re one of those who glance at the price tag first when shopping before you even think about an item, we want to encourage you to weigh each aspect of window units vs. central air conditioners before vetoing the idea of central air entirely.  

Upfront costs for central air conditioning units are considerably higher than the upfront costs required to purchase a window unit. However, keep in mind that although central air conditioning comes at a significantly higher initial cost, it also can cool a whole home, while window air conditioners do not. Window units are only capable of cooling one room or area at a time. Furthermore, it’s imperative to note that upfront costs are not the only thing you should consider when making the best decision. Monthly and maintenance costs should also be thought over as well. For example, if you were to choose to use more than three window units to cool three individual rooms, you may end up spending less on the equipment upfront, but the monthly energy bill may equate to or cost even more than what it would cost to cool an entire home by way of central air conditioning.  

What Are Some Other Things To Consider When Choosing Between Window Units & Central Air Conditioners?  

  1. Cooling Need: This means that the size and layout of your home will play a massive role in your ultimate decision. The size of your house will dictate what type of central air conditioner you need. Or, for window units, the room size will dictate what kind of window unit you need. In addition, the layout can also play a role in what may be the most optimal choice. If you’d like help determining the best option, Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati gives free estimates on central AC equipment. You can call us today to book your free estimate, and we will send a NATE-certified technician out to your home to assess your cooling needs and determine the most recommended option.  
  1. Efficiency: Whether you are leaning toward utilizing window units or a central air conditioner in your home – efficiency matters! Think of it this way; if you decide to go the window unit route, you still want to choose the best model that can efficiently cool your room. Don’t just go with the cheapest model. A good model will cool the space and be able to maintain that temperature. (But keep in mind, window units are not known for circulating air in an area very well.) This same point applies to central air conditioners too. Even with central air conditioners, efficiency is essential when choosing a model. In conclusion, when deciding between the two types, try to determine the air conditioner that will be most efficient for the space or areas you need to be cooled.  
  1. House Ownership: Unless you own the home you are in, it is probably not wise to have a central air conditioning system installed if you don’t own the property. So, a window air conditioner may be the best way to go.  

What Are the Pros & Cons of Window Units & Central Air Conditioners?  

Here’s a summary of the pros & cons:  

Window Units:  

  • Cheaper upfront costs   
  • Can only cool one room/area   
  • Easy installation  
  • Cannot control humidity  
  • Cannot circulate air efficiently  

Central Air Conditioners: 

  • Larger upfront costs 
  • Can cool an entire home 
  • Installation by a professional 
  • Regulates temperature & humidity 
  • Circulates air throughout the whole home 

And that’s the end of it! We hope this has given you a better idea of which choice may be better suited for your cooling needs. If you have any more questions about cooling units, or perhaps you’d like to get that free estimate for central air conditioning, don’t hesitate to reach your Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati local HVAC experts at (513) 216-5011 or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!