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If you have a heat pump in your Cincinnati, Ohio area home and you need a fast and reputable heat pump repair technician that’s local and affordable, call our trusted team here at Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati today! We are a family-owned company that’s locally operated. Our team of friendly heat pump specialists are all NATE-certified and fully insured. Experience the Five Star Difference today!

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Heat Pump Repair in Cincinnati, OH

Heat Pump Repair Services in Cincinnati, OH

As heat pumps increase in popularity, more and more homeowners are learning about the many benefits of having one installed. Heat pumps are effective, efficient, affordable and convenient. In an environmentally mindful world, heat pumps are one of the few HVAC systems out there on the market that are good for both cooling a residence during the summer and Heating a residence during the winter, which makes them a versatile and cost-effective option great to have all year long.

It doesn’t matter how great any system is, sooner or later it is going to need some sort of repair, especially if it’s not being maintained by a professional every year. If this happens, you are going to want a reputable, affordable, trustworthy HVAC contractor in Cincinnati, Ohio to repair your heat pump. If this is you, it is crucial that you schedule your repairs at the first sign of a problem before it becomes any worse. To help make you aware of some of the most common repairs that your heat pump might need, we present a few of the things to look out for.

Diagnostic Service Call

Are you a Cincinnati, OH area homeowner who is unsure whether you should put money toward repairing your heat pump system or if it’s time to replace it altogether? Schedule a Diagnostic Service Call with Five Star Heating & Cooling Cincinnati. We can repair any brand or type of heat pump out there. We’ll inspect your unit, find the problem, and discuss with you the best options for repair or replacement, with no obligations or hidden fees.

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$49 Diagnostic Service Call

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  • 4 Most Common Heat Pump Repairs

    In our years of working on heat pumps, we’ve come to find that most heat pump problems are usually caused by one of four things. Below are our top four most common heat pump problems. To help you determine whether it’s appropriate to call a licensed HVAC technician, we’ve composed the following list of common heat pump repairs:
    • Frozen System

      A heat pump’s exterior coil is where the heat gets released during the winter. This is also where it gets absorbed during the summer. During the colder part of the year, it’s not uncommon for a layer of frost to form on the outdoor casing. It should not be doing this, nevertheless. Your heat pump should be performing its own defrost cycle to remove frost because if it builds up too much and becomes ice, it can obstruct the unit and create all sorts of problems, and it can eventually lead to a system breakdown.

    • Reversing Valve Failure

      A heat pump’s “reversing valve” is what enables the system to switch the flow of refrigerant around, giving homeowners the ability to alternate between “Cooling mode” and “Heating mode.” Occasionally, this reversing valve fails and ends up stuck in one position, which prevents you from switching between these two modes. If this happens, make sure to give us a call to properly replace the faulty valve for you.

    • Refrigerant Leak

      Because refrigerant is needed for the operation of your heat pump in both the winter and the summer, if there is a leak, you can expect some problems to follow. Any leakage in the refrigerant line and soon there won’t be enough to adequately absorb and transfer the heat, which can damage your compressor and compromise your comfort. Our professional heat pump repair technicians will seal up any leakage in your line and recharge the refrigerant to restore your system and prevent further problems.

    • Electrical Failure

      Heat pumps use electricity to power their fan motors and compressors. As such, electrical problems are another prevalent reason for heat pump repairs. If this is the case, often you will need to replace electrical components, which should always be done by a professional.

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    Are you a Cincinnati, OH area homeowner looking for a professional service technician to restore comfort in their home? Schedule a Diagnostic Service Call with Five Star Cincinnati Heating & Cooling. We can repair any brand or type of heat pump regardless of its age. We send a professional to your home to inspect your unit, find the problem, and discuss with you the best options for repair or replacement, with no obligations or hidden costs.

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